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Posted by Withrow For Sheriff
  • On January 01, 2018

Proactive policing allows deputies to aggressively prevent crime and provide a high level of service to our community.

PPat joined the Sheriff's Department in 1987. He has been a K9 officer, SWAT Officer, Patrol and Admin Sergeant and runs the Alternative Work Program/ Community Corps. He has been married for twenty seven years to his wife Kathleen and they have three children: Kelsey, Jacquelyn, and Zachary. Patrick recently graduated from Union Institute and University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Management and looks forward to leading the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department in 2018.

A Proactive Sheriff’s Department can prevent crime. The Sheriff’s office is no longer proactive in fighting crime. Proactive policing allows deputies to aggressively prevent crime and provide a high level of service to our community. In this proactive mode, the Sheriff uses deputies to prevent crime. Our current administration is failing in its mission to take repeat offenders off the street and to actively patrol our community looking for potential crimes. This method of policing has been shown to reduce crime rates and improve the quality of life for our law-abiding residents. If elected as your sheriff I will tackle crime in an effective and strategic way.

A Proactive Sheriff’s Department can prevent crime.

Some examples of proactive policing are: “hot spot” policing (using historical criminal data to predict where crimes will occur and police these “hot” areas), “hot people” policing (targeting people that have a documented propensity to commit serious felonies), decoy operations, sting operations, bike patrols and foot patrols, nighttime business checks, including notifying business owners when they find an unlocked door or other safety problem greatly reduces the chance that the businesses will be burglarized. Another example is having a high visibility of law enforcement at large events. In each case, the idea is that the action or presence of police officers will deter or prevent crime or other unsafe situations. Our current Sheriff has utterly failed to use these proven proactive techniques.

Currently we have a reactive department. Deputies are only responding to the crime or call for help after it has occurred. Unfortunately, this style of policing is currently being deployed because of a failure of leadership under our current sheriff. There are two primary causes of reactive policing, inadequate resources or poor management of your resources. Clearly, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s department suffers from poor leadership and this results in poor management of our resources. We can do better. You have a right to expect more. I will bring about change in the Sheriff’s Department. I can do this under our current allotted budget.