It is time for a change at the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office. In the last seven years we have become a less safe community. Every month we release hundreds of criminals that have not completed their sentence nor have they been reformed. If you elect me your Sheriff, I will make our county safer. Every law enforcement association in the county has endorsed me for Sheriff: Click here to see a list of Pats Endorsers

Top Issues

· We must stop the revolving door for criminals at the county jail. Read more.

· The Sheriff's Department must return to proactive and aggressive crime prevention strategies. Read more.

· We must expand the School and Community Resource Officer Program to make our schools and neighborhoods safe. Read more.

· I support the right of law abiding citizens to protect their families and neighbors with a Concealed Weapon (C.C.W.) Read more.

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My name is Pat Withrow. I am running for San Joaquin County Sheriff in 2014. This campaign isn’t about me, or even about my opponent; this is about San Joaquin County residents and all the Sheriff Department Personnel deserving a better Sheriff, a better department and better county law enforcement as a whole.